• Dream Again

    Dream Again-Front Cover


    Been drowning in this ocean

    of emptiness inside

    Replaying every moment

    I saw you the last time

    Now you come to me in visions

    you haunt my every dream

    But I won’t give up on your love

    As long as I still breathe

    Please don’t say that this is the end

    Without pride, I’m reaching out my hands

    What about you? Will you take me as I am?

    What about you? Are you scared to let me in?

    I keep running through the darkness

    To a light I barely see

    True love cannot be broken

    It haunts my every dream

    These waves crash in and drown me

    This emptiness inside

    But I won’t give up on your love

    As long as I’m alive

    What about you? Will you take me as I am?

    What about you? Are you scared to let me in?

    Been thinking that life's just too short to waste

    In a moment it can be too late 

    Don’t let it be too late


    Tear down the mountain

    I can't see beyond it

    The road is too long and

    I can't walk anymore 

    Will you carry me?


    Tear down the mountain

    I’m too weak to climb it

    The night so dark and long

    Don't know where hope has gone

    Give me the strength to carry on.

    Will you carry me?


    There once was a lion

    Dressed as a lamb

    Made me think he was wounded

    And pulled me in

    And I was burned by his fire

    And torn of innocence

    But through the pain I grew stronger

    Than I ever could have been 

    I am a warrior

    I dare you come and fight 

    I am a warrior

    The battle ends tonight

    No chains can hold me down

    No one can stop me now

    I am unbreakable

    I am a warrior 


    Beaten and stripped

    I fell to my knees

    And cried out for the light

    As my body burned

    A phoenix rose to life

    So many tongues like mine

    Have been silenced 

    But our day has finally come 

    Today we'll stand united

    And justice will be done 

    We're coming to get you

    Hunt you in the shadows

    Where you hide

    You thought we were broken

    But the fire made us more alive 

    We are the warriors

    I dare you stand and fight 

    We are the warriors

    The battle ends tonight 

    No chains can hold us down

    No one can stop us now

    We are unbreakable

    We are the warriors


    Somnia ad requiem

    Dangling here my last thread of sanity

    Biting down the bloody memories

    On life's edge for an instant

    I'm frozen in time

    Here I stand, I’m at the end. Will I dream?

    Will I dream again? I think this is the end


    Standing at the waters edge

    Staring into nothingness

    How did I overlook

    The folly of my own ways?

    Dangling from this final thread

    Only seconds till the end

    I'm unraveling

    Is it just a dream?

    After losing everything

    Is there strength to dream?

    Here I stand with empty hands

    Will I ever dream again?


    Rewind the last day I saw you alive

    I'll replay the rest of my life 

    For with you my innocence died

    In this world where only the strong survive

    Relive making our last memory

    The sky in our eyes in the trees 

    Now just a shadow that fades

    With the night


    From day to day this numbing void is felt

    From clip to clip I see my aging self

    Changing with seasons is over and done

    My mind made of winter childhood gone

    One day in heaven I'll see you again

    But until then, until then…

    Oh, oh, Relive


    Smoking and broken down

    Reaching to pull you out I found

    Our love does not exist

    Shattered and overused 

    You think this world’s for you

    To toss aside what you don't need 

    And today it's me

    This pain buried down so long

    I can't believe my heart still beats

    No matter how long

    You still take the breath from me

    I can't tell you goodbye

    I can't look in your eyes

    I know this is the last time

    I can't tell you goodbye 

    All hope is gone, but we must carry on

    Let this final gaze linger

    Your eyes burn like the sun


    And when I close my eyes

    It's still your face that I see

    And though the years have flown

    It's still your wounds that I bleed

    Today I'll walk away from you

    Once and for all

    Locking my heart away

    I'll let the curtain fall

    And I can't tell you goodbye

    Dream Again-Back Cover


    I'm going to love you forever


    I can't believe it's been so long

    Since I held you in my arms

    It's gone so slow and yet so fast

    Being stuck here in the past

    My heart's not gone it's paralyzed

    With empty hands I close my eyes


    Pushing the pedal to the floor

    Praying God let this be the cure

    But there's no place left to hide 

    From a love that never dies

    My heart's not gone it's paralyzed

    Since you've been gone

    I've closed my eyes 


    It's funny how the truth it lies awake at night

    and barely sleeps until it speaks

    Remember when little girls

    Kept their mouths shut and their tongues tied

    Well not tonight

    I raise my hands to heaven

    The monster will not sleep tonight 

    I raise my hands to heaven

    And justice will shine down the light 


    For little children grow to tell

    The secrets that they keep so well

    You liar you Judas, you monster to do this

    Tonight the real truth comes out 

    The monster is screaming my name

    He clings to me whispers the shame

    But the Day of Truth has come

    And justice will be done


    Walked these streets for oh so long

    Waiting for a song that never left my lips

    Thinking only of myself

    And all the places I would get 

    Then a phone call took it all away

    They said you took your last breath today


    I close my eyes and on my knees I pray

    In dreams for one last time

    What I've lost will be replaced

    You never know what you hold

    Until it's torn away

    And now I'm living for the day

    When all we've lost will be replaced

    It's hard to know how to deal with so much loss

    We turn to every place when

    What we need is God

    I had to lose my eyes to see

    Now I am blind but I believe 

    The lame will walk, the blind will see

    And everyone we've lost

    Will hold us in their arms and sing

    A song we've only heard in dreams

    And every tear will be erased

    The moment that we see His face

    I am living for the day


    Freeze this memory

    Hold it as the ground is broken

    And your body finds it's final resting place

    I just can't say goodbye

    Through these tears I cry 

    Death will not take your memory

    Death will not take your love from me

    Freeze this moment as your coffin closes

    This won't be the last time we see your face

    For we will meet again

    And this is not the end 

    You passed through darkness into light

    But we're still trapped among the blind

    Your eyes now open life begins

    The suffering of this world ends

    We will meet again. This is not the end


    Some days our shadows are our only friends

    Days it seems rainbows will not come again

    When you lose something

    You can't get again

    The waves of sorrow they pull out hearts in

    But we can't give up the fight 

    Press on like warriors towards the light 

    Hold onto this truth, the sun will rise again

    If you're broken and bruised

    This hell we're drowning in

    Will break with dawn

    This is not the end for the sun will rise 

    Standing in all black

    You can't help but go back

    To the memory before death

    Took your last dream, it took everything

    But we can't give up the fight 

    Press on like warriors towards the light 

    And this is not the end for the sun will rise

    If you're broken and bruised 

    The sun will rise

    Just hold onto this truth that

    This is not the end for the sun will rise again  

    (You can’t give up the fight)


    We can't stop time The clock it sings 

    The pendulum swings These bloodshot skies

    God’s open eyes from which no man can hide


    The truth He sees these webs we weave

    This race against time

    Our lives will end yet we pretend

    But we've got no control of time